With the history the band has in France, it was always going to be a homecoming, with all the concumbent hopes, expectations and challenges that entails. What had started in Poland a month earlier came to full flower in Longlaville. The Opposition made a low-key but spectacular return to France and the live arena.

Fans had made a huge effort to come from all over France and beyond to the Jean Ferrat Cultural Centre, joined by some hardy locals prepared to foreswear warm homes for the grey, rainy skies. From the teasing introduction to Breaking the Silence it was clear we were in safe hands, and by the time In My Eyes kicked in, we were transported. No nostalgia this, the songs sounded as powerful as ever and still very relevant, the new line up bringing freshness and drive to them all.

Tracks from the new album sat well with the old favourites (full setlist below), with I Want to Believe proving especially cathartic preparation for the set closing Very Little Glory. The sound in the room, courtesy of the hidden group member Kenny Jones, was extraordinary, conveying the depth of the music with power and precision. It swept us all along to demand more encores than the band had expected resulting in the treat of hearing Breaking the Silence and very Little Glory a second time to send us off into the night.

Whatever high expectations we might have had after a 24 year wait, this night exceeded them. We Opposition fans may well have our own 100 Club moment to look back on.

Thanks should go to everyone at the Jean Ferrat Cultural Centre for hosting, especially Jean-Michel who ably demonstrated his fandom credentials alongside us in the audience. Finally, thanks of course to the band - Mark Long, Bernard Husbands, Nico Watts and David Beckett - for just being really really good!

Breaking the Silence
In My Eyes
Slipping in the Water
I Dream in Colour
Voice Has Changed
Empire Days
New Homes
Somewhere In Between
I Want to Believe
Very Little Glory
Black and White
My Room Is White
Paddy Fields
War Games
Breaking the Silence
Very Little Glory

*For those too young or sensible to know such trivia, the 100 Club hosted a seminal punk festival in '76 where The Sex Pistols played to an audience of many thousands if everyone who claims to have been there was to be believed. It has its own wikipedia page...