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The Opposition, an update…

We are devastated to announce that Mark Long passed away after a tough battle with cancer. As everyone who knew him, personally and through the music, is grieving this terrible loss, nothing much will happen here. We will be working on the best way to celebrate his life and work and will announce those things here as soon as is appropriate.

Thank you for the support you have shown Mark and the band and please continue to enjoy and celebrate the music which has and will continue to bring us joy and hope in the future.

All formats now available!

After some initial supply issues, we now have both Vinyl and CD versions ready for your orders. Box sets are also still available.

Alchemy Unplugged

Surely there was something we could do? A new album was ready to go but real life had put that on hold. Kenny had recently revisited the Nirvana Unplugged show and it sparked in him an idea. It should be possible, within current restrictions, to do a smaller version of that at the studio. The band could get together and play, and beyond that be recorded, and filmed. If it was good enough, perhaps it could be used to raise some money to help give the new album the release it deserves.

Well, we think it is, so we’ve put together a bundle for you. A CD, naturally with a booklet to document the event and a pen drive containing the home video Kenny produced. The money raised from this will help us with the release of the new album, two tracks from which are previewed here, just to whet your appetite.

Alchemy Unplugged

Alchemy Unplugged – I want to believe